Let me help you publish your book

These are just a few of my happy clients. After doing their first book, they are now their own small business, collecting 100% of the profits of the sales of their book.

She finally got her manuscript published

As is sometimes the case, future authors find Guerrilla Publishing when they are looking for someone to publish their manuscript. Sometimes, the call is short and goes something like: ME: No, sorry, I am not a traditional publisher, but I can help you become your own small business.THEM: No thanks. But last summer, I got…

She dreamt of owning shoes and made her dreams come true

A few years ago, my 93-year-old mother fell. Desperately trying to keep her out of a nursing home, I advertised on Craig’s List for two caregivers who could live in and take care of her full-time. Victoria and I  arranged to meet in person in the parking lot of an abandon Sears store in east…

Years of impeccable documentation become his dream come true

Last summer, Gary Storck reached out to me for help with publishing his book. He had a huge manuscript and had accumulated so much research and data on the ever-changing cannabis laws, he decided it was time to publish his knowledge into a book. Working together we were able to get Gary’s manuscript The Rise…

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