About Guerrilla Publishing


Guerrilla Publishing is a revolutionary approach to writing and publishing books. What makes it different from other systems is that it’s based on you: your lifestyle, your needs, your resources, your capacity, rather than trying to fit you into a large budget and a traditional publishing process.

A book can be so more than just a book for sale. It can be a calling card, an introduction, an additional revenue stream, a curriculum, a fundraiser for your favorite charity, a family history, and any other myriad of uses we can imagine. Today’s technology makes it possible to write and publish a book, own all the rights, have distribution channels in place to sell it around the world, and have your profits delivered to your bank account while you sleep, all the while creating a platform from which you can make a name for yourself as a published author.

Since releasing Guerrilla Publishing several years ago, I’ve had the honor to coach a growing number of writers to realize their dream of being published. I’ve discovered that turning someone’s manuscript into a bound edition is a particularly emotional process. How people handle the challenge of this surge of creative passion varies as much as the titles of the books I’ve helped create.

Because I know where I am leading you—to get your book published—and I understand both the frustration and the joy of this process, I honor the depth and breadth of emotion needed to find your voice as we work together.

Trust me, the first time you hold your book in your hands, it comes alive. The words will read differently as a book than it did as a manuscript. The sense of accomplishment is unparalleled.

If you don’t know where to start, consider a coaching session. For $49 you get an eBook of Guerrilla Publishing and a chance to pick my brain one-on-one for an hour. By the end, I guarantee you be highly entertained and inspired and have a much clearer picture of your dream to finish your manuscript, how to publish it, and know the exact resources you’ll need. If you decide you want my help further, the cost of the coaching session will be subtracted from the price of the service.

Otherwise, Guerrilla Publishing has everything you need to begin your journey to become a published author. It will de-mystify the world of publishing, inspire you to get that manuscript done, and instruct you with step-by-step instructions on how to set up your own company. You will have complete control of your book and keep 100% of the profits of everything you sell. You will be shocked at how easy it is.

Having been a self-published author since 1997, I’ve been through the trenches. Please don’t get ripped off by the latest trends in online publishers. Learn the hard, cold facts of today’s publishing world. Read the fine print and understand exactly what you are getting into.

With Guerrilla Publishing, you will discover the secrets to becoming your own publisher and then become a published author who keeps 100% of your profits.